The Building Process

How do we operate?

Cornerstone Builders & Associates

strives to make your building experience an absolute pleasure.

We accomplish this through two different sessions we like to call "The Designing Process." We offer the in-house designing process to our potential clients at absolutely no charge or obligation.

The first session is designated to learning about our customers as much as possible. A design questionnaire is filled our at this point to ensure that our client's home is customized to fit their lifestyle, specific needs, wants, and most importantly their budget.

The second session is designated to sitting down with clients and going over a proposed house plan designed specifically for them. Our clients are still free at this point to walk away at still no cost or obligation.

Upon completion of the designing process, the client and Cornerstone Builders & Associates will then enter into the bidding stage, receiving bids from several sub-contractors.

Once the total cost of the house has been established through bids, the client signs a proposal agreement along with a small down payment. This finalizes the designing process and initiates the construction process.